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Sex guide for couples

Sex guide for couples

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Many relationships fail because what they want is very different from what they actually follow. Sexy lingerie, dirty talk and dirty text messages are all great ways to revive any relationship. If you find that these areas don't offer enough satisfaction, try something new. When you have a relationship and you feel comfortable with someone, you must be willing to try new things. This does not necessarily mean that you have to try things that you don't feel comfortable with, but it does mean that you should try things at least once.

Start the discussion with your partner and find out what your fantasies are. Your woman might tell you that she has always dreamed of having a sexy cop who handcuffs her and plunges deep into her or your man can express to you that he wants to be whipped by a cat woman. Whatever your fantasies, do everything you can to make your fantasies come true.

Take a trip to the local sex shop. Take a look around together. The addition of elements in the bedroom makes the experience more erotic and will give both of them great pleasure.


This guide will focus on the following:

- Communication

- When the spouse is not interested in sex: communicate your needs

- The male and female psyche

- Marriage without sex

- All are different

- How to fall in love with your partner

- Tell me junk

- How to spice things up in the bedroom

- Prepare your temple of love; your body

- How to achieve maximum pleasure

- Sexual and couple bonding

- Stages of sexual excitement in humans

- Ways to make you last longer in bed

- Premature ejaculation

- How to rekindle the spark: 15 ways to fall in love

- Sexual role games

- Setting the mood

- Overcoming sexual inhibitions

- Crazy positions and places/situations in which to have sex (eg washing machine, on stairs, etc.) Spicy tips

- Secret to last longer

- Adventurous positions

- Additional suggestions for better sex ... AND MORE !!!


With Sex Guide for Couples, you can discover that there are a million different objects that you can incorporate into the bedroom and thousands of situations that can add pepper to your relationship. You just have to find what makes you feel better and works for you and your relationship. Be open to new things and explore different areas. You never know where you'll find pleasure!

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